Girls' consultation hours

Our empathetic and experienced team takes the time to discuss all questions related to topics such as physical changes, sexuality, contraception and menstruation in a trusting atmosphere. Our aim is to reduce insecurities and to convey a positive body image to the girls.

Introduction to the girls' consultation

The girls' consultation is a special offer of our practice, which is aimed at young girls and women who are at the beginning of their development into women. During this time of change, many questions and concerns can arise - from physical changes, to sexuality, to contraception and menstruation. Our empathetic and experienced team takes the time to discuss all these issues in a safe, trusting and friendly atmosphere. We believe that knowledge and understanding help to reduce fears and insecurities and want to support young women to develop a positive and healthy body image.

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The procedure of the girls' consultation

A visit to the girls' consultation is more than just a normal visit to the doctor. It is a chance to expand your knowledge and understanding of your own body in a warm and supportive environment. In a confidential one-to-one conversation, we answer your questions and talk about your concerns. If needed and with your consent, a physical examination may also be performed where we explain what we are doing and why at every step. Our top priority is your comfort and safety. You are always in control of what happens and we respect your boundaries.

The importance of the girls' consultation

The girls' consultation is more than just an offer - it is an essential part of the transition from girl to young woman. It is not only about medical aspects, but also about developing self-confidence, trust in one's own body and a healthy relationship with one's own sexuality. In a world that often sends confusing and conflicting messages about body image and sexuality, we offer a safe place where young women can get the support and information they need. We are here to guide you on your journey, answer your questions and support you to make confident and informed decisions about your health.

Frequently asked questions

Our practice focuses on your health and well-being.

There is no set age for the first visit. You can come as soon as you have questions or when you feel ready for a first health check.

No, an examination is not absolutely necessary. First and foremost, it is about answering your questions and providing information.

When an examination takes place, we explain to you exactly what we are doing and why. You are always in control and can ask for a stop at any time.

Yes, if you wish, you are welcome to bring a friend, your partner or a parent.

That is not a problem. You can still keep your appointment.

Yes, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on various contraceptive methods.

Yes, everything we discuss is treated confidentially and falls under medical confidentiality.

Yes, as a rule, the costs for the girls' consultation are covered by the health insurance companies. However, it is advisable to clarify this with your health insurance company in advance.

No, the visit to the girls' consultation is confidential and you decide who you want to tell.

Of course, you can visit the girls' consultation at any time to get information, ask questions or simply to become more familiar with your health and your body.